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Our Favorite Italian Recipes from Emilia Romagna Italy

When you travel to Emilia-Romagna Italy, you will find yourself surrounded by sumptuous food, which of course comes from traditional Italian recipes. If you ask any Italian what is most notably associated with Emilia-Romagna, they will no doubt tell you it is the food. There is just something special with Emilia-Romagna’s cooking that has been rich in tradition and cuisine since as far back as the BC times. Even up until the present day, there is a long list of food native to Emilia-Romagna that includes Parmigiano Reggiano cheese, balsamic vinegar, and prosciutto di Parma. Once you add pasta to that roster, no other region in Italy comes close when talking about Italian cuisine.

It’s All About the Pasta

Some favorite Italian recipes stem from pasta. You will notice when you travel to Emilia Romagna Italy that tortellini and polenta are staples in cooking. Fresh egg pasta is more popular than ever. Garganelli is a pasta dish famous in Romagna and consists of tomatoes, chicken livers, veal, prosciutto, and herbs. Dumplings are also made in Romagna. It is essentially dough made from bone marrow, grated grana cheese, and bread crumbs bound with raw eggs. It is cooked and served in beef broth- molto bene!!!

Don’t Forget the Fresh Bread

More Italian recipes of Romagna contain another classic favorite-  freshly baked bread. Warm, crusty bread loaves and rolls can be found everywhere you turn in Romagna. And bakers like to prepare borlengo, which is nearly translucent thin sheets of dough, seasoned to perfection with garlic, rosemary, and salt pork.

Cured Pork

Is there anything more pleasing than a perfectly thin slice of prosciutto? We think not. Emilia Romagna’s cooking is full of high-quality cured pork. Cured pork is incorporated in a variety of Italian recipes like Prosciutto di Parma and Culatello di Zibello, a tender cut of pork from the back leg. Since this piece of meat is aged and cured according to classic Italian tradition, the fat simply melts in your mouth.

Additional Recipes

Additional Italian recipes of Emilia Romagna Italy include breeds of cattle, rabbit, birds, and other poultry. Take wild duck served with stew and tomatoes, white wine, and risotto and you have a mouth-watering dish. Then there is Cappone ripieno, which is known as roasted capon and is filled with a marsala flavored veal and ham. Other popular meats of Emilia Romagna are lamb and mutton. And the combination of prosciutto and fresh fruit served together is a refreshing appetizer for anyone who travels to Emilia Romagna Italy.

Time for Dessert

For the sweet tooth in your party, Emilia Romagna Italian recipes for desserts include sweet pastas, baked cookies, pastries, and tarts. Some local favorite cakes include apple cakes from Ferrara and Bologna’s certosino, a spice-flavored cake. Modena is home to a crumble that is flavored with lemon. Romagna gialletti is a cookie made with cornmeal instead of wheat flour. Then you have Piada dei morti, or a sweet flatbread made with raisins and nuts. We recommend a bite of each!

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