Our calendar

Italian Culinary Adventures hosts guests for six weeks in the spring and six weeks in the fall.

Italian Culinary Adventures reservations are extremely limited. Please confirm your reservation with a $500 deposit (fully refundable up to 120 days before the start of your reserved week). Your balance is due 90 days before the start of your week.

Here is our upcoming calendar:

2024 Dates


April 28-May 4 Mystery Week: SOLD OUT
May 5-11: closed
May 12-18: closed
May 19-25: closed


September 15-21: open
September 22-28: open
September 29-October 5: open
October 6-12: open

2025 Dates


May 4-10: open
May 11-17: open
May 18-24: open
May 25-31


September 14-10: MYSTERY WEEK
September 21-27: open
September 28-October 4: open
October 5-11: open
October 12-8: open


We picked the best weeks of the year to host our weeks in Emilia-Romagna. You will enjoy beautiful days during both our spring and fall sessions. Here’s the typical weather during our scheduled sessions:


low 52 degrees
low 64 degrees
low 62 degrees
low 50 degrees

high 73 degrees
high 81 degrees
high 77 degrees
high 66 degrees

Travel Insurance

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