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How To Dine Like A Local In Modena Italy

If you are looking for the best culinary tours of Italy, let Italian Culinary Adventures take you by the hand to places beyond your wildest imagination. We are the best culinary tours of Italy and will not only expose you to new food outside your comfort zone but demonstrate the intricacies of dining like a local in Modena Italy. Our delicious program will not only teach you about the food and wine native to the region, but the culture of cafés, restaurants, and the agriculture-rich towns that supply them.

We all know Italian food is the main reason for visiting Italy, and of course some sightseeing too. But, if you ask anyone who has already visited Italy or is planning to soon, their answer will undoubtedly involve the food. Many will also mention that enjoying an authentic local’s experience is something they wish to experience when visiting Italy. 

Our culinary tours of Italy program will not only take you around the country to try different types of food but also impart wisdom on how to dine like the Italian locals.

How Are Tips Handled in Italy?

By the end of your meal, it is not a common practice to tip. But, there is no reason not to be kind enough to do so. For example, regardless if you are sitting or standing for coffee, you can leave one euro and that is more than enough. This is very unlike the United States, where the standard tip is 20%. Culinary tours of Italy like to point out a good rule of thumb equates to one euro per person or round up the bill.

Make Dinner Reservations Early

For major cities, reservations are technically a must due to crowd volumes. You also want to be conscious of what you wear when dining in local restaurants. If you ask about our culinary tours of Italy, we will tell you that the only thing Italians love more than food, is fashion. Unless dining at a fancy restaurant with specific dress codes, slacks and a nice shirt or blouse are acceptable.

Avoid Buttering Your Bread

As we move further along our culinary tours of Italy, you want to heed the advice of not buttering your bread. In Italy, bread is served with the meal, not as an appetizer. Those oh-so-familiar little pats of cold butter don’t go along with bread in Italy. And you’ll stick out like a sore thumb by asking for it. Instead, we recommend dipping into luscious local olive oil. Or, you can use even some balsamic vinegar.

Table Manners are Important

When it comes to table manners follow these etiquette tips:

  • Don’t cut pasta with a knife. Or with a fork. In fact, just don’t cut your pasta!
  • Fill up your neighbor’s glass before your own
  • Don’t ask for salad dressing
  • Don’t expect ice in your drinks
  • Never put cheese on pasta with seafood

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