How To Cook Like An Italian

While Italian cooking is often associated with signature ingredients like Parmigiano Reggiano cheese, olive oil, and tomatoes- the real secret ingredient to Italian cooking is passion. Should you take an interest in cooking, especially Italian food, Italian Culinary Adventures has you covered. Learning a new cuisine or recipe can be a challenge, but with the right ingredients, utensils, and instructions, you will be well on your way to becoming an expert!

All this talk about cooking and recipes probably has you thinking well, why don’t I just pick up a book and go from there? Cookbooks can be a great resource, but with so many on the market filled with dozens of recipes, you might start to feel overwhelmed. Italian Culinary Adventures believes that learning the centuries-old tried and true methods vetted by Nonnas around the world is a much better option to help with cooking like a true Italian. When you prepare to conquer Italian food and wine, there’s nothing like experiencing the region of origin for yourself.

Improve Your Produce

First, you need to upgrade your produce. Italians have a special saying that loosely translates to: don’t tell a farmer how good cheese is with pears. The saying is a subtle way of saying that those pears better be the best, juiciest, most delicious pears available. Our Italian food and wine guide will put it bluntly: if the ingredients and produce are lacking in quality, you are going to have a hard time making great Italian dishes. Instead of shopping at a big-box grocery store, try visiting local farmers’ markets or other farm-fresh food vendors. This will put you on the right path in cooking like a true Italian.

Make it From Scratch

Another recommendation we like to give Italian food and wine lovers is to make your recipes from scratch. Whether it’s soup, sauce, bread, or pasta- there is simply nothing quite like a meal prepared with love from start to finish. It might take more time to prepare a recipe from scratch, and we understand the ease of jarred sauces can be tempting. However, all you need are pots and pans, the freshest ingredients you can find, and a little bit of patience to make some authentic Italian kitchen magic.

Pair it With Wine

When you explore the wide array of Italian foods, you can find yourself a nice wine to pair with the dish. Italian food and wine go hand in hand as a way of complimenting each other and bringing out flavors and tastes. We suggest you try slow-cooking tomato sauce for a more developed, deep, and rich flavor- and then pairing it with a rich, full-bodied red wine.

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