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How a Trip to Italy Can Feed the Body AND the Soul

For world travelers, Italy may simply be another destination to cross off their list. However, for those of us who consider food and culture to be an extension of the soul, it can be the experience of a lifetime. Italy is famous for its food, such as parma ham or pasta, but this incredible country offers nourishment for more than just your belly. With our guided trip to Italy, we will immerse you in the incredible culture of Emilia Romagna, and introduce you to the people who, for generations, have characterized the region.

For us, it’s about more than just seeing the Emila Romagna region of Italy, it’s an opportunity to truly connect with a community through the love language of food.

The Food

A trip to Italy is a must for those who savor and enjoy food and wine. The key to the magic that characterizes authentic Italian food is the fresh ingredients that go into making it. The communities in the Emilia Romagna region are agrarian, many of them living on the farms and vineyards that have been looked after for generations.

While you savor every bite of the incredible food at restaurants throughout the region, there is something special about knowing exactly where these ingredients came from.  Not only that, but knowing exactly who they came from. In Italian culture, eating slowly is a way of life. This allows you to be grateful for the food you are consuming and all of the people involved in bringing that food to you. 

History, Culture, & The Arts

Italian culture has a way of luring you in and making you want to be Italian, even if just for a day or two. From music and art to design and fashion- what’s not to love? As you walk around the historic cobbled streets, you are sure to find something that inspires you.

Italians love to add music to mundane everyday tasks to make the experience more enjoyable. Music has been known to soothe the soul. Italy is full of art, and you may come across various mediums like painting, dancing, writing, baking, and sculpting while on a walk. Participate if you can, or simply take it in and enjoy. Either way- your soul will feast!

Wine Enthusiasts Rejoice

Wine is a staple of every Italian meal, and it should be part of your meals when you take a trip to Italy as well. Wine has even been found to have health benefits when consumed in moderation. With the right wine pairing, your meals will sing! With that to nourish your body, the history of the vintners and their heritage processes are sure to nourish the soul.

Lunch = Riposo

Unlike in the United States, lunchtime is not a short few minutes to scarf down some food and continue about your day. It is a time to rest, reflect, and recover. Italians have decided that instead of battling the afternoon slump, they will embrace it and give the body what it wanted; rest. Shops, museums, and more will shut down for almost two hours so that people can head home, eat a good meal and take a short nap. See what we mean? Body and soul.

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Taking a trip to Italy can be a truly life-changing experience. You will be able to enjoy the food, culture, and people of a completely different place. When you’re ready to feed your body and soul, call Italian Culinary Adventures at 1-818-438-2346 to get started on your dream itinerary.