About Italian Culinary Adventures

Have you always dreamed of visiting Italy? If so, an Italian food and wine tour is a must-try experience. The guides at Italian Culinary Adventures are as well-seasoned as the food, and they’re ready to take you through the best of everything in this historic region. Immerse yourself in the cuisine, the culture, and the lifestyle of this incredible destination.

We know that you’re looking for something more than just another simple food tour. We offer our clients an opportunity to venture off the beaten path and into bespoke and lesser-known areas where they can experience artisans, vineyards, and incredible cuisine while learning about the rich history of Emilia-Romagna.

We work hard every day designing itineraries tailored specifically towards people like YOU. We welcome first-timers as well as adventurous food enthusiasts seeking out an exciting and authentic experience.  

About Our Tour Guides

Rhonda Vilardo

Rhonda Vilardo is the founder/grateful owner of Italian Culinary Adventures. She co-owned Tuscan Women Cook for several years before embarking on this new journey. Rhonda has carefully curated the best of the best that the Emilia-Romagna region has to offer and is excited to share it with you. Rhonda’s passions include cooking, eating and outdoor adventures making this the perfect business for her.

Arianna Moldovan

Arianna Moldovan

Arianna was raised in Montefollonico, Italy, and is passionate and knowledgable about all things Italian. Ari has extensive experience in many facets of hospitality from culinary to sommelier certification. She is well traveled and wise beyond her years. Arianna is fluent in three languages and will serve as our on site interpreter, offering valuable insights, vendor communication and assistance to our guests.

Why the Emilia-Romagna Region?

This is a great question and one we are often asked by those looking to book a culinary tour. We tour the Emilia-Romagna region in the spring and the fall for four weeks because it is a mecca for Italian cuisine, culture, and history.

The Italian towns of Modena Italy, Bologna, and Parma call this region home. The country’s largest university is in Bologna and the region has been recognized by food journalists, travelers, chefs, and renowned historians as the best region in the country for Italian cuisine. You won’t find more Michelin-starred restaurants in any other region than this one.

Food, Wine, Culture Are All Within Your Reach

When you schedule an Italian food and wine tour with Italian Culinary Adventures, food, wine, and culture are all within your reach.

The region is home to the towns of Parma, Modena, and Bologna, all stops on your food tour. You will get to eat at multiple Michelin-starred restaurants in the region, taste freshly-made cheeses, and homemade wines, see stunning natural sights, and more. Book your food tour through one of the most well-known regions of Italy by calling Italian Culinary Adventures at 1-818-438-2346 , or you can fill out an online form. Our tours fill up fast, so be sure to get on the schedule pronto!